Vocation Promoters’ Meeting


Vocation promoters of the Liguori province met on 07th of July at Liguori Bhavan.
The author and first protagonist of a vocation is God. Therefore, one should not ask “Do I have a vocation or not?” but instead “What is God calling me to?” The call is there for every person. Even if I am called in time, it is from eternity that I am chosen by God “before the creation of the world” (Eph 1:4), “when I was in my mother womb” (Gal 1:15). Therefore, from all time – from eternity – the vocation is engraved in each person’s heart. Yet this call – the voice of God – must be heard and recognized. If between God and the person who is called, there are obstacles, like impenetrable walls that block the voice; this person is not able to hear the call, even if it is present within them.
With these thought the vocation promoters evaluated the present scenario and brought forth a future plan and practical guidelines.
The prayer for vocation promotion will be recited in each community. The whole vocation promoters decided to work as a team. The vocation team decided to visit nearby parishes and schools as early as possible. Decided to keep a ‘Vocation Diary’ wherein the records of details of students, the dates and other whereabouts should be written. We decided to have regular meeting and evaluation of Vocation Promoters, vocation camps during Christmas holidays (end of December) at different zones, to promote vocations through youth ministry, school retreats, etc.

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