Obituary Fr. George Areeckal’s Father


Mr. Thomas Areeckal (86) the beloved father of Fr. George Areeckal died after a brief illness. Though his father had been declining in his health lately, the end came quite unexpectedly on 4 September, 2015. He leaves behind his wife Mariyama and five children. He was part of the “generation,” who toiled for the people at Pulingom. In his long life, he contributed for the parish church and the farmers of the area. He had been Kaikkaran (Trustee) for several times in the parish church and worked hard for the construction of the new church.

Confreres from various Communities, Priests and Religious from near by Parishes, Parishioners, Friends and Relatives were there at the funeral to pay last homage to Mr. Thomas Areeckal. His funeral was held at his home parish, Pulingom on Sunday 6 September at 02.00 pm. Fr. George began the liturgical service at home. Mar George Valiamattam, the Archbishop emeritus of Tellicherry archdiocese was the Main celebrant along with Frs. George Areeckal and Thomas Karakkatte for the service in the church. The burial took place in the parish cemetery. A Con-celebrated Requiem Mass followed the funeral. As a devote catholic he trusted in the Lord through out his life always. He will be sorely missed by his family and friends.

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