The Father Reaches to the Out-reached


Love and Greetings from Germany. We, Anoop and me were blessed with our Provincial’s visit on 16th of September 2015. An approachable guide, confidant and mentor, always encouraging and motivating us in our prayer life and other activities, just to mention a few qualities that come to mind when I remember our Provincial. We could go to him with all our problems and share our difficulties with him. Although I have no idea how much, I do know that he cares for each one of us.
On Sept. 17 evening we visited Eherenkirche, 35km away from Freiburg. It is a beautiful place, a small vineyard village with lots of wine and grapes. We were treated with great Kerala food by the sisters who have a small community there. We were back home by 9.30pm. We also visited the Provincial house in Holland and the Confreres there, the following day. On 20th Sept we returned to Freiburg.
Having Fr. Provincial here in Freiburg with us was an unforgettable experience. He is helpful, thoughtful, loving, strong and kind. We appreciate and honor you for your presence and support to both of us. A great thanks to Fr. Provincial for his visit and love.
Fr. Soji Kunnumpurath

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