Fr. Alex V. The Deputy of Archbishop of Trinidad and Tobago


Fr. Alex Viruthakulangara has been appointed as the Collaborator and the Deputy of Archbishop Nicola Girasoli, Apostolic Nuncio of Trinidad and Tobago. The Apostolic Nuncio to Trinidad and Tobago is, since December 2011, Archbishop Nicola Girasoli, who is also Apostolic Nuncio to other independent states and Apostolic Delegate for the dependent territories in the Caribbean area. His appointment to this office is a moment of great happiness and joy to all the members of the Liguori Province and the entire Redemptorist community.
It is a very responsible position. He has to assist the Nuncio to take care of the twenty dioceses under his charge. Part of Fr. Alex’s job is to represent the Nuncio at different functions and official meetings. He will also be in charge of the Nunciature when the Nuncio is out of the country. In order to facilitate Fr. Alex to fulfill his duties, he will be provided with a diplomatic passport and a Vatican ID. His duties will involve a lot of travelling many days of the week;almost 150 km up and down.
I personally believe that this is a gift from God and indeed a great honor for all of us. Let us support him with our prayers.

Fr. Joy Poonoly, C.Ss.R.


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