Redemptorist Mission in Lebanon: The Vision for this Joint Venture


The presence of the Christian Churches in the Middle East is both ancient and important. The Popes have consistently insisted upon the significance of this presence, and especially in the last 50 years religious congregations have been invited to establish a presence which will support, develop and nourish the Church there. The Redemptorists have accepted this challenging invitation. As a missionary Congregation, we strive to be a prayerful and vibrant apostolic witness to the ‘Copiosa Redmptio’ among the people of Lebanon in order to continue the Redemptorist presence there.
Currently, the Redemptorist Mission in Lebanon consists of the Redemptorist house in Jdeidet-el Metn (Bouchrieh) in Beirut. Attached to the house is a school which is leased to a lay man and a chapel attached to the school. At the moment one Flemish confrere, Fr. Timon De Cock lives in the House. There are more properties belonging to the Redemptorist Mission in Roumieh and Harriet-El Bellaneh.
To strengthen the Redemptorist community in Lebanon, Liguori Province has sent two confreres to Lebanon. These confreres live in the House in Jdeidet-el-Metn (Beyrout). St. Clement’s Province provides the necessary means for the community. The assignments of the two Indian confreres Frs. Binoy Mandapathil and Binoy Uppumackal in the first two years are to learn the language and the culture, to make contact with the people in the neighborhood, to minister in selected areas (at the beginning in English, then in Arabic), and to draft a pastoral plan of the Mission for the future.

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