‘Try to be a Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud’


‘Try to be a Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud’ – Maya Angelou

Certain dates are noted in the calendar with coloured letters to signify its importance. Likewise we also mark certain memorable events in our hearts as auspicious and unforgettable. September 26 is such a momentous day for all the Redemptorist formatives; because it is the day that is specially set apart to honour and admire our beloved formators. We the MSA community were also enthusiastically waiting for this fortunate day, like the beauteous buds waiting to embrace the enticing rain drops of the sky… as the earth expecting for the charming sun rays from above…

It was the public occasion for us to show our affection and respect for a person who means so much to us, who is so dear to us and who inspire us through his zealous life style. We organized this evening as a tremendous and memorable evening by having different cultural programmes like melodious singing, heart touching skits, thrilling and awesome dances and scintillating preaching. In between the programmes the MC came forward with few humorous questions. He also offered us surprise gifts like Egg, Coconut and Rusk.

Each programme conveyed certain amazing qualities of our prefect Fr. Poly. In fact each and every members of the MSA community had something to talk about him. Even though he had been with us hardly for six months, he could easily imprint his finger prints in our hearts. He is our real role model. He means so much to us, a star in the ground… a thought provoker in the class rooms… a seeker of truth in the library… a true friend in the colloquiums… a mother in our weakness… a practical theologian on the pulpit… and above all a saint in the chapel… The above quotation said by Maya Angelouis fulfilled in the life of Fr. Poly. He is a rainbow not only in our life but also the life of the Congregation. The entire programme was concluded by the final blessing given by Fr. Prefect.
Bro. Jinto Jesus

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