“He summoned the Twelve and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” (Lk 9:1-2)

Fr. Biju Kunnumpuram CSsR and team have been conducting the retreat, ‘Vachanābhishēkadyānam’ since 2012 December, at Christu Jyothi Retreat Centre at Chethimattom. (It is owned by SABS Sisters of Pala province). There were only 73 participants in the first retreat. There were three retreats in the following year in the months of July, August and October respectively. Fr. Stephen CSsR. was the part of the team in the beginning. The team worked in an inspiring manner. By the powerful grace of God from the year 2014 we have regular retreats every month. Both last year and this year, we had ‘sisters only’ retreats too, with 125 and 175 participants correspondingly, each year. Fr. Jinto CSsR has been the part of the team since 2015. The Holy Qurbāna celebrated by them elevates the participants to a divine experience.

Healing takes time,” Fr. Biju says, speaking like a true preacher of the Word of God, from his years of experience at the altar and the pulpit. “This is what is missing in most healing ministries today. We always want everything to be instant.” The people who take part in the retreat share that they had been to various retreats. But they state that they have not participated in such a graceful and spiritually uplifting adoration service as that of Fr. Biju, especially the prayer for the deceased ancestors on Tuesday. There have been many written sharing of deliverance from different bondages that occurred during this prayer. The Wednesday adoration service is named ‘thirurakthabhishēkaāradhana’. The blessing of different objects and the holy articles is done during the service. The Eucharistic procession on Monday to the small groups gives everyone a prayerful experience.

God works many signs and healing in and through the ministry of Fr. Biju K. I have heard Fr. Biju always saying: “I want all to grow and persevere in the Grace of God.” The approach he uses is simple. I have seen his approach to the faithful”. He just listens, loves and prays”. He uses his simple formula- the Word of God and the Doctrine of the Church. The most important fact about this retreat is that we don’t give publicity through any media, but the participates who had a divine experience are the promoters of this retreat. It is they who tell other people about their God experience and change of life. The sisters are also made part of the retreat team. Religious Sisters and Bro. Roy help out in counseling and Bro. Rajan helps out in taking class too.

Sr. Tessy SABS
Christu Jyothi Retreat Centre

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