Provincial Visitation in USA


We had a wonderful time when the Provincial visited us and spent a few days with us in Seaford. Fr. Joy arrived here after visiting our confreres in Canada on 14th evening. Since we were occupied with penance services in the evening at the neighboring churches, we had made arrangements to pick Fr. Joy from the Philadelphia Int’l airport.
Fr. Joy is quite popular here at Our Lady of Lourdes for he has been here earlier. He had spent a month here before going to Lima, Ohio, to do his pastoral ministry. So it was in a way a homecoming for Fr. Joy. His friends and acquaintances were
delighted to see him in person after a long time. He was gracious enough to celebrate the Holy Mass in the mornings at our parish Church for the parish community. As usual, the
homilies were all accompanied with a cute little joke at the beginning and needless to say his listeners seemed to have enjoyed them all. Ciya from Bethpage, New York, was kind enough to come over and stay with us for two days. We had some meetings and evaluations with the Provincial as well. We also made use of the time to do some Kerala style cooking under the guidance of our self-taught cook Fr. Clement. We made some of the Naadan items like Kappa, Porkkukary, Fish-Curry, Palappam, Rice and Chappathy.
Everything was excellent. All in all, we tried to give our guests a homely feeling. On 17th Thursday, after breakfast Fr. Joy left with Ciya for New York to have some official meetings with Rev. Paul Borowski, the Provincial of the Baltimore Province. Thank you Fr. Joy for visiting us. We really enjoyed your presence and company. It was indeed a wonderful time.
– Fr. Paul K.

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