Christ School is a fostering ground for moulding future citizens. The educational policy of the CMI Congregation has contributed a lot to the development of the Indian society. I had the privilege to share my service here in Christ School, Bengaluru. I would like to say a few words about Christ School. Christ School is an educational institution run by the CMI Fathers. It is situated in the Dharmaram campus. It follows the Karnataka State Board Syllabus.

    I was appointed as the Co-ordinator which is a great responsibility as a beginner in the educational realm. The Co-ordinator has to oversee all the programmes of the school and make sure that all the activities run smoothly. My life here is full of new experiences and exposure. I do take classes in 9th Standard (Social Science) and 10th Standard (Moral Science). Taking classes brings about a challenge to have a wider knowledge and thus creates a need for extra reading. I do meet students daily to motivate them and help them to become better persons. The daily counseling session is really a pastoral service that we give the students. The output sessions that I attend outside school help me to broaden my perspective. I prepare various modules on student related topics and present them to the students. Taking module classes gives me an opportunity to keep myself busy and to reach out to a greater number of students. On ‘Children’s Day’ I got an opportunity to perform a magic show and through that various values were inculcated in the students. They all stated that it was a superb medium to convey student friendly messages in a very creative way.
    I am busy as I have to go to school every day except on Sundays. Reaching out to 2548 students is yet another good experience. Varied activities in the school help to develop my talents. The new program that we started this year is ‘Quiz Master’, where we develop talented quiz teams for the school. My involvement in Christ School is of varied experiences. I would like to conclude that it was really a good experience and painstaking too. We are not moving away from our Redemptorist Charism when we go to school or work, but it becomes an extension of our ministry.
    – Fr. Bijo Meprathu

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