Commissioned to be the Laborers


As Fr. Baby rightly put it on the evening day of our commissioning, after a year of honeymoon trips, it is time to be really into the responsibility of the congregation to preach missions. We three of us were commissioned on the 28th of January when all the young fathers of our congregation were gathered for an input session on the year of consecrated life. We would like to thank all the pastoral team members; for preparing us so well and helping us to write all the sermons and having real patience to correct our sermons. We would also like to thank all our confreres especially our dear Father Provincial and team for promoting us and putting their trust in us. Also those fathers who gave some input sessions on how to write a good sermon and the pastoral aspects of writing sermons.
This year was really a fruitful year in our life; our community members deserve special thanks from all of us. They initiated us into the community life and made many adjustments for us. It was a year completely dedicated to writing sermons and pondering over the Word of God. We started the pastoral year with a retreat in Attapady. We had input sessions on all the themes of our mission and had a course on counselling in Dindigal. We were also taken to one full mission as observers to have a direct experience. Once again we thank all those who helped us to complete this year and request your prayers as well to be zealous Redemptorists.
Fr. Bibin Ottaplackal

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