The Young Fathers Meet


This year the ‘Young Fathers Meet,’ witnessed our boys fine tuned to be mature men. Well, have a look around; you will find Fr. Rector, Fr. Parish Priest, Directors and Asst. Directors of renewal centers, In-charges of various- vibrant ministries and young-energetic ministers and preachers from different communities, who seem to be enjoying the responsibilities and the so-called ‘tension’ of it. Their faces announced “trust and be trusted”. It was hard to believe, these were the same boys who sat on the class room benches, learning to think, talk and walk. Today they think, talk and walk their way, inspiring hundreds of lives. “Vamos” Liguorian youth front. So happy to meet you all once again and proud to see the duties and responsibilities that you have accomplished well with in your limits. Definitely the province has a bright future.
Fr. Jojo’s reflections were an “icing on the cake”. For a religious, vows mean life. They are not something that binds him or her. Similarly vows are not something that separate them from the real life, where as they are the fuel for us to be “in the world but not of it.” Fr. Jojo invited us to have a pilgrimage with him. As always we obliged hesitantly. But as we journeyed together, time and space came to a stand still; the whole world of convictions, beliefs etc seemed to be falling apart. Finally, as we packed up, he made us to say ourselves, “Yes, we are religious and happy to be so!!” A big thanks to Rev. Fr. Jojo VC who spoke from his heart rather than from his brain. Thanks a lot to Fr. Provincial and his team.
Fr. Prince T.

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