The Conference Assembly and First Phase of the General Chapter


February 2-15, 2016, HFRH, Cebu

It was an occasion of meeting many confreres from the different units and a celebration of fellowship and fraternity. Fr. General and Fr. Juvy, the general Consultor from the Asia-Oceania, were also present for the whole meeting along with Provincial, Vice-Provincial, Regional Superiors and elected Vocals. In the first week of the assembly, there was a presentation of the Report of the conference of Asia-Oceania. We had discussions on the following topics: Apostolic priorities of the conference, The community life, Joint formation in the conference and common preparation for the final vows, the role of the coordinator, the sub conferences and Economic contribution to the conference from the units etc. In the second week we had discussions and plenary sessions on the reports from Fr. General, the conference coordinator, and the working documents for the General Chapter, the Postulata, the norms and the procedures for the General Chapter and indicative ballot for the election of the General and the possible three candidates for the Consultor from our conference. Please continue to pray for the General Chapter which will be held in Pattaya, Thailand from 31 October to 25 November 2016.
Fr. Joy Poonoly

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