The Annual Mission of Syro-Malabar Catholic Mission Auckland


The Annual Mission of Syro-Malabar Catholic Mission, Auckland, this year was a great blessing and healing for the entire mission. It was a miraculous experience for all those who had participated. The retreat was led by Rev. Fr. Jaison Thundathil and Br. Antony. The Retreat was held from 21st February to 24th February, from 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Many people in the Mission experienced the love of God and testified that the retreat was actuallyjaison-newsland led by the Holy Spirit, quenching the spiritual thirst of every individual in the mission personally. Rev. Fr. Jaison dedicated his entire time, energy and spirituality in prayer and fasting, even ignoring his own health and needs for the sake of the retreat. He also offered counselling sessions to many individuals and families which brought about deliverance, peace, happiness, healing of mind, body and soul. Brother Antony also sacrificed his time for the success of the retreat and salvation of souls through the Holy Spirit by his singing ministry and praise and worship.

One of the parishioners testified that it was Fr. Jaison who taught him to make the sign of the cross in a meaningful way, which gave the individual significant blessings in his day today life and his family during the retreat. “It was during this retreat that I made a complete confession which gave me a miraculous healing of mind, body and soul and I am able to pray properly now”. The entire mission experienced the miraculous never ending love of God during this retreat. Many were able to understand that our God is a merciful God who never remembers any of our sins and is always waiting for us to return to Him with a perfect contrition. The class about the importance of the Holy Spirit allowed many people to make better decisions in their life through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. During the healing service, held during the climax of the retreat, a lot of people experienced miraculous healing in their mind, body and soul, including family members in India. Retreat attendees felt that Fr.Jaison and Br. Antony are great instruments ready in God’s hands to be used for the salvation of souls.

Miss. Jomini Jose

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