Redemptorists Ordinations


“Called, Consecrated and Sent. This triple dimension explains and determines your conduct and your life style.” St. John Paul II.
Congratulations and best wishes to our young, charming and graceful new priests Sijo Kallammakkel, Lijo Velledathu, Jomon Thakidiyelkunnel, Jijo Ariyamannil, Shijo Kumminiyil. Welcome to the Vineyard of the Lord. May He who called you, strengthen you, guide you and protect you all the days of your priestly life. Congratulations to all the members of your family too, especially your parents, for offering you to our Redemptorist family. We will always remain grateful to you, for your sacrifice. Let us wish and pray for our new priests that they may “exercise the Word (of God) worthily and wisely, preaching the Gospel and Catholic faith. When you proclaim the Word of God, you do not present yourself but you give way to the Lord who is the true actor in proclaiming the Gospel. Keep Jesus in mind, who was not ashamed to stay with the sinners, to heal the sick, and to give relief to the downtrodden.”

Fr. Poulose Thettayil


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