Mission Assembly 2016


Liguori Province’s Mission Assembly was held at Liguori Bhavan, Mattoor on 16-17th June 2016. There were 32 participants. In the inaugural Eucharistic celebration, Fr. Joy Poonoly, the Provincial Superior, set the perspective for the whole assembly. In his homily he urged all to strive to work not to inflate the individual ego but for the glory of God. The first day, Fr. Joseph Pamplani, the secretary of Theological Commission of CBCI and the Director of Alpha Institute of Thalassery Archdiocese, guided us. He spoke of the modern trends in the retreat preaching. He stressed the need to be faithful to the Church in the preaching for only the Church can confront the devil. So the preaching should aim at the growth of the Church. The stress should be on the mercy and grace of God rather than on devil. Deliverance ministry should lead to sacramental grace. We must understand the phrase of ‘curse of generations’ against the background of the growth of revelation and all those who believe in Christ are freed from all curses (Gal 3:13). We should not preach a ‘prosperity Gospel’ but understand the significance of suffering for spirituality.
The second day witnessed the pooling together of views and discussions of the participants. We had four sessions dedicated to (1) parish missions and youth ministry, (2) Retreat centers and retreats to priests and religious, (3) new initiatives and (4) action plan. Fr. Shiju Mullasseril briefed the history of Redemptorist Mission. The in-chareges gave a presentation of the apostolic work in their respective spheres followed by a very cordial discussion. In the final session we planned how to march forword with one heart and one mind and burning with zeal for God and his people. Fr. Provincial and the Secretary of Secretariate of Apostolate thanked all.
Fr. Jose Poovannikunnel C.Ss.R.

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