Fr. Rijo and Team in UAE


This retreat helped me to realize that to succeed, one needs to find something to hold on to, something to motivate, something to inspire. And I am proud to be a child of God whom God created to be a blessing. We are created to be a blessing, but the bliss of life comes from our encounters with God and new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to be with Him, each day to have new experiences. The Youth Retreat we attended from 13-15 of August conducted by Fr. Rijo and Team was a great experience. It was an interactive retreat with talks, magic, group activities – such as small group sharing and games. Storytelling, magic, faith sharing, and personal witnessing were very much enriching in communicating the Gospel message. We could experience a four-fold movement in the Retreat – Experience, Reflection, Message and Action. We are grateful that you were here with us to teach us His Word and about His Mercy. We thank you for your ministry, your guidance and your care. We wish to meet you again. May God shower on you His greatest blessings for your life and future ministry is our most humble prayer.
– Miss Maria Tom

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