An “APOSTOLIC” Retreat by Fr. Geo Tom


We, the Apostolic Carmel Sisters at Vadakara, had a marvelous retreat by Fr. Geo Tom. It was a unique opportunity for all of us to encounter Christ, choose to follow Him more closely, and so live more fully in communion with our God. It was an “APOSTOLIC” experience for each one of us. It has been a creative and innovative retreat experience.

As we are AC sisters, the retreat was a journey from Arising to Coming down. On each day we reflected on the following themes: Arise to be away, Plug into the power, Out of the boat, Single purpose of life, Turn with Him, On the Cross, Live today cheerfully, In front of the Judge and finally Come down from the Carmel.
The retreat was centered on Jesus in the Gospel. We were exhorted to draw the strength from the Eucharist and the Cross of Christ. This retreat provided an opportunity for all of us to accept the gift of our call with passion and rededicate our choice for Christ. At the end of the retreat we were prepared once again to come down from the Mounts of Carmel and Tabore for our mission.

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