World Tour of the Icon of Mother of Perpetual Help at Edoor


There was a solemn reception given to the Icon of Mother of perpetual Help at Edoor.  As the icon was brought to Iritty on 7th November at 4.30 pm, the Edoor Redemptorist community and the people of Iritty Nitya Sahaya Matha Latin Forane church gave a wonderful reception. The icon was placed on the beautifully decorated altar of the Iritty church for veneration. Though we intended to keep there for a day, due to the heavy outpouring of the devotees we extended it to the third day, till 9th evening.  At 5.30 pm it was brought to Edoor Alphonse Bhavan and many people from the neighborhood gathered to receive the icon.  It was kept in the community till Sunday morning. Very many people paid their homage to our Lady during these days.  The icon was taken to Edoor Forane Church (Syrian) on 13th November at 5.45 am. The Vicar received it along with a good number of parishioners. Devotees from many parishes have gone to the Iritty Church, Alphonse Bhavan and the Edoor church.  Community members explained to the people the history and meaning of the icon.   We conducted an exhibition both at Alphonse Bhavan and Edoor Forane Church. Laminated and framed copies of the icon were made available and many people took them to their homes with great love and devotion to the Mother.

Fr. Jose Poovannikunnel C.Ss.R.

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