Commission to be Sculptors and Carpenters for the Word of God


Frs. Shinto M. and Nithin K are commissioned. So what is commissioning? What work are we setting them aside to do? Then the  words of St. Paul resound in our ears: “We have this ministry in jars of clay….” Not chalices of gold, or goblets of silver? We have this ministry in Styrofoam cups. Two of our confreres Frs. Shinto M. and Nithin K. had been commissioned for the Redemptorist Mission. The liturgical celebration of commission began with a concelebrated Holy Qurbana with Fr. Joy Poonoly, the Provincial Superior. The presence of their parents, relatives and many confreres added much joy to the celebration. They are joined to the missionary companions of the province for a romantic disenchantment. Ministry is a romantic calling.  But it is also disenchantment. Not everything is wonderful.  They are attached to the  Redemptorist missionary to be  sculptors, for chiseling piece after piece of useless weight off what will be the finished product.  They are carpenters, putting together walls and roofs, windows and doors in the lives of people.  Yes, we have added  two more young confreres to the mission team. Let us pray for them that they may faithfully and reverently carry on the ministry in jars of clay, with the help of God.

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