An Angel of Mercy Challenges the Province


The chapter began with a recollection day preached by Fr. Davis Chiramel. He was a man go beyond preaching and went a bit ahead and practices what he preached by donating one of his kidneys. But dedicating a whole life to serve the society calls for something special in your soul and Fr. Davis Chiramel is one among those divine souls who has taken social service as their ultimate aim of Life.   His donation was not for fame but it was just because of the kindness and care for his co-beings on this planet which makes his heart unique and special. But donating kidney wasn’t the only service he has done to the society. Instead he took it as a start, to start doing something for the well-being of the society.  He spoke how to take care of oneself. According to him organ donation has become popular all over the world but Kerala needs more awareness on this. As organ donation is high after death, there are many who do organ donation even when they are alive without affecting their own health. Helping someone in need is human.  He shared his concerns and tension.  He shared that he could  set a  role model to the society and many people who took inspirations from him, willingly came up to donate their kidneys.   His unprecedented gesture of love and sacrifice, comforting the sick and weary were touching every one.  He sounded to all of us as a man of mercy, some one who understand and consoles the grieving.   These attitudes challenged the confreres to open the heart to others especially to the wounded world.

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