Tribute to a TRUE Redemptorist Missionary


Fr. Zacharias Kanjooparampil C.Ss.R. (1939 – 2019) was born to Mr. Chandy Kanjooparmbil and Mariyamma Chandy in Chennamkary, a parish of the Arch Diocese of Changanassery, Kerala, India on January 28, 1939. Even as a child he has revealed immense faith and dependence on the divine providence. Having seen the traces of vocation in the boy the parish priest asked him to join the seminary. He took this invitation seriously and joined the Redemptorists in 1955. He made his First Profession in 1957 August 02, after completing his Novitiate at Bangalore. Through the Perpetual Profession he committed himself fully to the Lord on August 02, 1960.

            He was ordained a Priest by His Grace Bp. David  Maria Nayagam, the Bishop of Velloor on August 29, 1964. His fervent missionary zeal guided him to learn the Tamil language and work as a missionary among the interior villages of Tamil Nadu. Having seen his zeal to accomplish the tasks given to him, the Superiors asked him to initiate a Redemptorist community for the Syro Malabar Church at Chowara, Alwaye.

            He was later called upon by the then Bishop of Thakalay Diocese Mar George Alenchery, who welcomed him to work among the Tamil people in his South Indian Diocese. As always Fr. Zach obliged willingly to this challenging mission and worked vehemently for the poor in the diocese. His dedicated service was appreciated by the CBCI (Catholic Bishops Conference of India), when they appointed him as the Spiritual Director of St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore. He served as the parish priest in Madhura, Hyderabad, Trivandrum and Bangalore. His selfless service was rendered in formation as well, especially at Chowara and Podiamattam, generations of young Redemptorist vouch for his fraternal love and unquenching affection towards the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. He was a hard worker and an ever obliging missionary to his Superiors. This was evident when he volunteered to go to England as the chaplain of More Hall Convent, Randewick, England.

            He was diagnosed with cancer in February 2019 and was under treatment from Rajagiri Hospital, Alwyae. On July 08, 2019 he was admitted to Vimala Hospital, Kanjoor for the palliative care. He passed away on July 18, 2019 at 10.30 P.M. Until he breathed his last he was conscious and his Passover was very peaceful. His body was brought to the community at Chowara, where he was assigned as a member and the funeral ceremony was presided over by Cardinal George Alenchery, the Major Arch Bishop of the Syro Malabar Church.

            We are proud to say that we have lived with a true Redemptorist Missionary who had little demands in his Missionary journey, always took care of his confreres and sought after by them even when he was confined to his bed.

Time Line of Fr. Zacharias Kanjkooparampil C.Ss.R.

Parish of Origin:             St. Joseph’s Church, Chennamkary

Diocese of Origin:           Changanassery                 

Joined Redemptorists :  1955

Year of Novitiate:           1956

First Profession:              August  02, 1957

Philosophy, Theology:    1957 – 1964          

Perpetual Profession:     August 02, 1960

Ordination:                      August 29, 1964

Ordaining Bishop:          Rt. Rev. David Marianayagam, Bishop  of Vellor


Communities lived in and the years in each Community

1964 – 1968              – Bangalore

1968 – 1978              – Madurai

1978 – 1980              – Bolarum

1980 – 1981              – Bangalore

1981 – 1984              – Chowara

1984 – 1987              – Bangalore

1987 – 1991              – Chowara

1991 – 1994              – Muttada

1994 – 1998              – Podimattam

1998                         – Erumapetty (Parish)

1999 – 2002              – Podimattam

2002 – 2003              – Sri Lanka

2003 – 2004              – Karavaloor

2004 – 2005              – Sri Lanka

2005  – 2006            – Podimattam

2006  – 2008            – Parish in Marapady, Thuckalay Diocese (Attached to Provincial House)

2008  – 2011             – St. John’s, Bangalore

2011 – 2017              – More Hall Convent, Randewick, England

2017 – 2019              – Chowara


Offices Held and the years of these Offices

Parish Priest and the Director of the School in Bolarum      : 1978 – 1980

Holy Ghost, Bangalore                                            : 1980-81, 1984-87

Chowara Rector, Director                                        : 1981-1984; 1987-1990

Parish Priest, St. Mary’s Church Chinnathura        : 1993-94

Asst. Parish Priest, Erumapetty (Trichur Diocese)  : 1998

EVPC Member                                                         : 1999 – 2002

Rector, Podimattam                                                             : 2001-2002

Parish Priest of Marapady                                       : 2006  – 2008

Sp. Director of St. John’s Bangalore                       : 2008-2011

More Hall Convent, Randewick, England               : 2011 – 2017

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