Meeting of the Formators


A meeting of the formators was held at LiguoriBhavan, Mattoor on the 13 th August, 2019.
TomyKizhakkethundathil, ShijoMeppilly, BijoVallikkattu (Secretariat of Formation),
BinoyUppumackal (Vocation Promoter), BijoMepruth (Director, Minor Seminary), Alex
Theruvankunnel (Novice Master), ShijoMeppilly (Prefect, Philosophers), and Geo
Nambudakam (Socius, Theologians) were the members present for the meeting.
The meeting began with a prayer by TomyKizhakkethundathil, Secretary of the Secretariat of Formation and a word of welcome by Poly Kannampuzha, the Provincial Counselor for
Formation in the Province. There was a sharing by each of the formatorson their ministry as formators at different stages of formation. It was a time of listening to one another, their
work, concerns and suggestions.
There was then a presentation by Poly Kannampuzhaon the Strategic Plan for formation in
the Province for the Quadrennium. Each of the stages of formation was discussed and plans
were worked out for execution. The Directory of formatorswhich explains the role of
formators at different stages also was discussed. These gave the formators clarity with regard to their work and responsibilities.
We also had a fruitful discussion on the stages of formation in the Province with the purpose of re-working the whole formation program. In the light of the discussion Secretariat of
Formation will be drafting a proposal to be sent to the EPC.
The Provincial, Biju Madathikunnel, met the formators at the end and expressed his gratitude for their selfless service in the formation of our students. He reminded them of their responsibilities and urged them to work together in shaping the future of the Province.

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