St. Mary’s Town Church, Mattoor


    Fr. Jose Poovannikunnel completed three months in St. Mary’s Town Church, Mattoor and three main events have taken place: Independence day celebration, Parish feast and a Tug-of-War competition.

    With the help of Bro. Jeeson Jacob, the youth who were keeping aloof from church activities, were brought together to the main stream. Now about 50 young men and women are volunteering to do anything for the parish. The first event was the Independence day celebration. They organized to collect food and feed about 500 old people in a destitute home. They conducted competition in different activities and prizes were given.

    The joint feast of St. Mary and St. Joseph was celebrated with great pomp and splendour on 7th and 8th of September. Remembrance of the departed souls from the parish and a Novena to Our Lady preceded the feast. The celebrations came to a conclusion with a ‘Super Mega Show’ led by Ben Band from Thodupuzha.

    The youth organized a Tug-of-war (Vadamvali) competition on 22nd September. Nine teams participated including women’s groups and cash prizes are awarded. There was a very good number of people to watch the match.

    I thank God for the graces He bestowed upon the devotees and the parishioners for their great cooperation and devotedness. I also thank all the priests and our CSsR brothers for their presence and cooperation.

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