Formator’s Day @ NSMB, Chowara


Formators as mentors take the role of persons, over flowing with love and encouragement. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, they guide us as our parents and animators. We, the students undergoing the Philosophical Studies at Chowara, on 26 September, (Feast of St. Kasper Stangassinger), celebrated Formator’s Day on a grand scale.

We started the day with an early morning bed coffee served at the door of our Director, Fr. Shijo Meppilly and our Socius, Fr. Jomon Thakidiyelkunnel, with a joyful smile. They were surprised with the decorations we arranged before their rooms and the loving gestures we expressed towards them. We celebrated the Holy Qurbana with Fr. Shijo as the celebrant. The rest of the day was spent preparing for the grand dinner that evening.

We had a prayer session at seven in the evening. We remembered and prayed for all our formators so far. This was followed by a gathering at the Refectory. Special thanks to Fr. Bijo Meppurathu who was kind enough to direct and design a short film dedicated to our Formators. We had planned this well in advance and were able to get Video and Audio messages from their parents, siblings and batch mates. The fathers from the CST Seminary, where we do our philosophical studies, too were kind enough to put in a few words. Both Frs. Shijo and Jomon were thrilled by the messages and wishes sent by their family members, as it was totally unexpected. We were blessed by the presence of Fr. Poly Kannampuzha, Animator of Formation in the Provincial Council. The evening concluded with a grand meal and fellowship.

Bro. Nidhin Thazhackal C.Ss.R.

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