A New Beginning with New Initiatives and Endeavours


Nature has its own way of reminding humans that ‘enough is enough’. Greed with the excuse of modernisation and technology has sadly brought about a vicious suffocation, blocking every possibility of sustaining life on this planet. The very soul of the earth is gradually being drained out to oblivion. It’s about time we played our role to nurture and sustain this great insignia of God’s love and providence. Human nature, is without doubt, an evolution of the nature we were created from. An evolution to be stronger and smarter, but never to forget to pay the blessing forward. Abraham and his descendants were called to be a blessing to all nations. And now it’s our turn to be the same.
‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions’, so we have heard. It is the very need of these times to think different and act quickly and fruitfully.  The much feared COVID-19 has now paved way for a new beginning with New Initiatives and Endeavours from our own communities. Hats off to the confreres of the Liguori Province for proving to ourselves and bearing witness to all around that we can be the Change we have preached for so long.

Joe Toms C.Ss.R.

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