‘Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living’. The SMYM Yuvadeepthi members at Karavaloor are doing their best to uphold Christian values by their acts of charity. Here are some of our recent Acts of Kindness. It is said that, ‘Prayer and togetherness makes a man righteous, powerful and effective’. The strength of our unit is our bond in prayer. We gather once a month, every second Saturday, to come together in prayer and to share ideas through brain storming. These gatherings are the pillars of all our activities. Unfortunately, the break of the pandemic brought a standstill to these planning sessions. Thanks to God’s strengthening power of persuasion, we decided not to give up, but instead to continue the gatherings through online platforms. His encouraging Words do elevate us to a higher purpose. Moreover, it is during these pandemic times, that we learned the need of dependence and trust in God’s grace. Thus, the Yuvadeepthi SMYM Karavaloor unit, took a new step to publish and share videos on our status based on Biblical verses. We also made posters to commemorate feast days of saints. These were then uploaded on different social media platforms and got excellent feedbacks.

According to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, ‘the environment is God’s gift to everyone, and in our use of it we have a responsibility towards the poor, towards future generations, and towards humanity as a whole’. With this conviction in mind, SMYM members distributed paper bags on Environment Day with the aim of reducing the use of plastic – one of the major hazards to the environment. We believed that being a reason for the smile of others, is one among the greatest achievements in life. This is what our unit aims towards. We seek to find the face of Jesus in every fellow being. We extended a helping hand to a child who was struggling with the online classes by providing the family with a television. It is very true that investment in education pays the best interest. Caring for one another is the hallmark of human life. With this realisation, we donated Corona kits (sanitizers, masks and soaps) to Auto drivers at Karavaloor. Yet another initiative, was the distribution of clothes to people suffering from mental distress. With God’s grace and the immense support from the parish and the community around us, we were able to achieve much. We have decided to continue the ever satisfying Acts of Kindness.

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