COVID Times in MSA


The whole world has come to a standstill – the pandemic COVID-19. The villainous corona virus is killing thousands of people, and we are feeling helpless. It has turned our lives upside down. Even in our dreams, we could not have imagined ourselves restricted to our homes, with no outings and unable to meet our friends and relatives. Today, we all are living in quarantine to stay safe and keeping others safe. It seems like the almighty has pushed the pause button for all of us to make us rethink the way we were preceding, the life we are living now and the future we will be building. The Corona virus continues to spread across the country, and around the world. We, in our seminary, were also affected in a variety of ways. At the end of March we all had planned to go for our holidays, but the lockdown happened. Our Prefect informed that we could leave for our holidays, once the lockdown was over. Unfortunately, the pandemic continued and thus our holidays were postponed.

Our seminary board decided to start the classes for the upcoming academic year. We welcomed this decision, but with a little pain about our holidays. Seminary life continued with our day to day timetable. Except the kitchen team, nobody else was allowed to go outside the campus. We were busy with our studies, garden works, etc. During this time we really understood the value of the gift of celebrating the Eucharist every day. When people outside were waiting to participate in the mass and receive Holy Communion, we could without any restriction. Our prayers and petitions were all directed towards the relief from this pandemic. From the month of June, two of our brothers started taking online catechism classes for the parishes assigned to them. We were able help people with the money contributed by our monthly allowance and the Christmas play fund. We thank God for protecting us during this pandemic with his powerful hands.

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